Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Looking Back - July 2011

July was month jam-packed full of summer fun, celebrations, and life.

Independence Day

Fun in the Sun - the Aunts and the Uncles splashing around with Arioch and Jemimah (and George too!)

Our first, official, full-blown Jackson Family Reunion

 though many were not able to attend, we were able to gather a good portion of my extended family all in one place at one time. It was a great day full of fun activities like . . .

wheelbarrow races

breaking a pinata
Cousins, Aunts and Grannies snapping photos of the oh-so-cute-babies

Hangin' with the Sisters
and showing off the newest additions to the family

And then . . .


our summer games - such as haybale climbing - go from fun in the sun to . . .
a trip to the emergency room . . .
. . . and surgery . . .
. . . and a ride in wheelchair with a cast on your arm.

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