Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year

Here I am, already feeling behind. The calendar is ready to flip to the third day of 2012, and I'm still shouting "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" and enjoying the slow-paced days we've been having around here.

Ah, me. Oh, well. Here we go! I have many goals and ideas floating around this all-too-crowded brain of mine. They are keeping me up at night, and getting me all flustered during the day. So, I've taken to writing them down and I'll attack them one-by-one, a bit at a time. Much I'm hoping to share with you - my family, my friends.

I'll once again be whittling away at my stuff-piles, and focusing in on schooling the younger ones, and looking to creating a more joyful and peaceful home-haven for my family. I'll be re-vamping my Big Shopping/Cooking master lists. I've been ruminating some good reading material, ideas and thoughts I'll share soon. I am also working on priorities - time in God's Word for myself, Bible lessons with the children, before we attack our other work and play for the day.

So, as I sit here, spoiled lady-of-the-house that I am, swiveling in my new office chair, donning my new apron, sipping from my new Christmas mug, nibbling my DARK chocolate-covered cherries, (Yes, my family was very good to me this Christmas season.) I am also composing and organizing and setting goals for all that I want to share with you this year.

First, though, I'll be taking you back through the 2011 calendar, so be watching!

May the Lord shine upon you and bless you each new day, week, month, year. Each one is a bright and shining gift from Him.

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