Saturday, January 14, 2012

Looking Back - September 2011

As I look back through my picture files from September, I am reminded that even though we were back in the swing of things with our schooling, there was still time for fun and games. After crafting their own bows and arrows, the girls as well as the boys were out target practicing, honing their archery skills.

I also made time for our sweet grandbabies.

this tower of cups grew taller than the builders!

Family Fun Night with friends --  good food, games of all sorts, and an impromptu jam session

George and Luke serenading the family


Hair Cuts and Train Rides

 Bekah and I met this brand new calf only moments after his birth. We were picking up milk from our Amish friends and we happened to be there just at the right moment, and saw this handsome little guy being carried up to the barn. He and Bekah created a close bond - she had to visit him every week this winter.

Some of our school-time activities included a field trip to the radio station, where the boys had the opportunity to actually record their own voices and learn how a radio program is put on the air.
And we all learned about the color wheel, mixing colors, complimentary, secondary, primary colors.

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