Friday, February 24, 2012

eBook from a favorite blogger

Now that I've spent the month of February cleaning out/purging/re-organizing the downstairs area, I'm looking to learn new habits so we can stay on top of things around here. My brain seems to be wired differently than the average person. I have always thought I must be the only one in the world to struggle so much with keeping order in their homes.

And then I discovered someone who's brain works just like mine! Wow! This gal was so amazing - she would write the exact words that had been floating around in my head. She would publish online EXACTLY what I have done/thought/felt. I proceeded to read her blog, A Slob Comes Clean from her very first post to the current (at the time) and have continued to check in on her regularly. She calls herself  'Nony' (short for anonymous) and she's become like a friend, a mentor, a cheerleader. She doesn't even know me, but she's done a great deal to motivate me as she has worked the last couple of years to figure out WHY she is the way she is and WHAT to do to change it. 'De-slobification' she calls it.

Ok, back to my developing new, better habits. Nony has written an ebook sharing her life-changing tips for order, peace and hope of a more organized home. I have purchased/downloaded 28Days to Hope for Your Home {not for the mildly disorganized}and will be reading through it this weekend. Nony is a riot! I just love her! She gives an honest and humorous look into her own life, which speaks directly to mine.

Check out her blog, and check out her book (it's half price through the end of February, so now is the time to buy!)

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