Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Chapter 3


It is all around us. Songbirds sharing their early morning melodies, the winding whistling through the trees behind our house, the rhythm of the washing machine as it thump-thump-thumps our dirty clothing clean, the slap-slap-slap of a toddlers barefeet as he runs down the hallway to greet Daddy at the end of the day.

And, yes, there is the Chamber Choir and the Symphony Orchestra and the Grammy Award Winners and the Christian Pop Singer of the day.

And, yes, the boy who sits methodically playing his not-quite-perfected-scales over and over and over again, and the sscccreeeeeeching of the violin as a daughter practices diligently each day after school lessons are over.

My summary of Edith Schaeffer's chapter on 'Music' is this:  Make Music. Wherever you are. Because. Just Because.

singing with my granddaughter and sweet friend

My friend Nancy told me a few months back that she was having a wonderful week. The reason it was so wonderful? She was making music. After the children were tucked into bed at night, she would sit down and play the piano, all by herself, no audience, for pure pleasure. She said it improved her mood and outlook on life and she had so much more to give to her family the next day. She decided she would give herself permission to do this on a regular basis. Very therapeutic. Her family often sings and plays together, but taking time to sit and enjoy just for her own pleasure restored her soul.

So, how can we incorporate music into our everyday lives? Sing! Play! Listen!  We enjoy listening to Steve Green's "Hide 'Em' In Your Heart"  cd's while riding in the car.  Little Rebekah has taken it upon herself to load up the stereo most every day, with her choice of 'pretty' music (Bach, Chopin, Mozart).  I highly recommend the Classical Music study by Beautiful Feet. It is interesting, fun, and motivates a body to a greater appreciation of The Classics. My family especially enjoys singing hymns and songs of praise together, glorifying God the Father and Jesus the Son.

A passing comment from one of my children will often result in Mom breaking out in song, usually from a long-ago commercial jingle or old-timey song I heard on the radio in years gone by. I enjoy music from eras way before I was born (yes, there was music before I was born, and I'm not talking about Baroque!) and a little rolling of the eyes from my sweet kiddos does not deter me - they enjoy it, really they do.

spontaneous concert NewYear's Eve
making music with friends
What would it be like, watching a movie without a soundtrack. I imagine there was music when God was busy those very first 6 days creating the heavens and the earth. Can't you just hear the angels singing and applauding?

To read how others have been inspired by this chapter on making music, please check over at My Homey Haven, where I'll be linking up for this week's study.


  1. I can tell from reading your take on this chapter that you are much more musically inclined then I. :)

    I loved the descriptions that you used as you opened your post. The washer? Pitter patter of little feet? The sound of the birds singing (or geese squawking me awake each morning), yes, all music but I didn't really think of it that way until you mentioned it.

    I'd like to add two resources to your list for teaching music appreciation to children, Coloring the Classics and Then Sings my Soul. We have loved both.

    Thanks for joining me in the HAH book study! Blessings, Tonya @ My Homey Haven

  2. The music of life. I enjoyed your description of it. Purposefully enjoying the sounds you hear around you day by day is making a memory for you when they grow up.

  3. thank you, ladies, for your lovely comments.
    Tonya, I like your recommendations. Coloring the Classics is a wonderful resource. I'll have to look for the other you mentioned.
    Suanna - 'purposefully' looking for the Hidden Art in our lives. That is exactly what my goal while reading this book.
    I'm enjoying the study and looking forward to the next chapter!


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