Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Chapter 1

The First Artist

The first chapter of The Hidden Art of Homemaking (by Edith Schaeffer) is quite the introduction to a very inspiring book. It is most definitely not a step-by-step, detailed manual on how-to go about household tasks such as sweeping, ironing, dusting, etc. Mrs. Schaeffer gets right to the heart of the matter, the heart of the home, the heart of the homemaker. This book is about creating a home, having a heart for home, and all those that live there.

The ideas that stood out most to me were her thoughts on God the Creator as the First Artist. My heart skipped a beat and tingles went up my spine when I read these words:

. . . we are created in the likeness of a Creator
     So we are, on a finite level, people who can create.  Why does man have creativity? Why can man think of many things in his mind, and choose, and then bring forth something that other people can taste, smell, feel, hear and see?  Because man was created in the image of a Creator. Man was created that he might create.  It is not a waste of man's time to be creative.  It is not a waste to pursue artistic or scientific pursuits in creativity, because this is what man was made to be able to do. He was made in the image of a Creator, and given the capacity to create - on a finite level of course, needing to use the materials already created - but he is still the creature of a Creator.

Wow! These very words have been on my own heart and mind just recently. You can read my thoughts here

Works of The Artist are all around us - to stimulate us and bring growth and understanding and sensitivity and appreciation and pleasure. Made in His Image, we also are artists. Our canvases may vary, our time and resources and talents will vary. But we are made to create.

My goal in reading through this book is to glean ideas and inspiration on how I can create more of a haven in my home, a sanctuary, an inviting place to be. I want to love and serve husband and children in ways God intended me to.
Something new we'll be adding to our days is the addition of an art curriculum by Visual Manna.  Each week the children and I will be creating together! We will also be creating with words. I'll be implementing some assignments from Institute for Excellence in Writing.

I'm cautiously optimistic here. I have a track record of getting excited and jumping in, only to burn out. So, small and steady steps are what I'm looking at here.

I'll be linking this up with the book study over at My Homey Haven.


  1. The picture of the waterfall is wonderful. I'm glad God is the artist and not me.

  2. Thank you, Suanna. My daughter is the photographer, I'll pass the compliment on to her. What a beautiful world God The Artist has sculpted for us.

  3. Beautiful pictures! My daughter also loves photography.

    I think our goals in reading the Hidden Art of Homemaking are very similar. I also want to glean inspiration and gain ideas on how my home can also be a haven. :)

    Thank you so much for linking up to the book study! I'm looking forward to bouncing more ideas off you and encouraging one another in our endeavors.

    Sorry it took me a bit to get over here- it's been one of those weeks. :( Blessings! :)


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