Monday, February 13, 2012

A Melancholy Day

This time of year everyone is all lovey-dovey, giving  chocolates, sharing candy hearts lettered with mushy words. That is all fine and good. I'm doing my part in celebrating Valentine's Day as well. But this day, the day before Valentine's Day, finds me a bit introspective, pensive, melancholy each year. 

me in my Mama's arms

Today would be my Mom's 71st birthday. 8 years ago yesterday she suffered a 'bleeding on the brain' (the doctor called it) and just a few weeks later she was gone. Gone from her physical shell, but not gone from our hearts, our memories. 

Mom with our firstborn in her arms

And so, this day before the world celebrates 'Love' I celebrate the Love of Mother. I miss her. I still here her voice at times. Her image comes to mind when I do everyday tasks such as making early morning coffee - that was what she did when visiting us -- rose early, started coffee which would rouse me from a sound sleep and we'd enjoy a quiet cup together.

Mom at Christmas, one of the last times we had with her as a family

Today I smile, I remember, I sigh. My little one runs through the house laughing and I wish Mom could have met her, could have held her. She loved being here when new babies arrived. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you, always.


  1. Hugs to you and your family, Linda. This day is more special because you have such precious memories of your dear mother.

  2. Thank you Tracy. It is a special day and I enjoy unpacking the memories on these milestone days. Blessings to you and yours!

  3. Thanks, Mom. I always think of her a lot around this time of year. And I, too, wish she could know my children. Here's a big, virtual hug!


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