Friday, February 10, 2012

Starting a List

This winter I read a book highly recommended by a good friend. One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. The author journaled about seeking joy, grace, peace in her life. She began to see that if she just paid attention to the gifts God had given her each day, maybe she'd be closer to those things she sought after. And so, she set out to list 1000 gifts from the Lord. And she wrote them down as they occurred to her. The impact this had in her life led her to write the book. 

Here I am, looking for the joy of the Lord and desiring it to be my strength, wanting to wrap my heart around the grace He's gifted me, to live abundantly, listing out my 1000 gifts. It's easy to look around and say "I'm thankful for this, I'm grateful for that. Oh! I could write just ANYthing down, EVERYthing down."  But I want to list out the things that truly grab hold of my heart, make me stand at attention. I want to notice things I've never noticed before. 

And I begin my list. I may share a few items from my list of 1000. Maybe it will grow to be more than 1000. We shall see.

1. adult children who are still children enough to have fun and enjoy life

2. good coffee, good conversation with a good friend

3. giggles bubbling out of 9 year old son

Consider reading Ann's book. It will give you pause to think, and maybe come to know yourself better. Her writings are really lovely. She has a poetic turn to the way she uses words. They make me want to write.

You can find her on-line journal at A Holy Experience, if you'd like to read more of her writings and ponderings.

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