Monday, February 6, 2012

A Special Birthday

Today is our Sweet Granddaughter's very first birthday. She is celebrating this momentous occasion away across the ocean, so we do not get to participate in the festivities in person. We actually started celebrating yesterday, because we received news of her arrival a year ago on February 5 here in the states, but it was actually February 6 already in Ghana. Crazy! This ol' Grandmom has to work at keeping her dates straight. Don't you just love that toothy grin? I do miss smothering those chubby cheeks in Grandmotherly kisses.

The Aunts and The Uncles gathered to sing 'happy birthday' to her long distance, and thanks to the speaker phone feature, everyone was able to hear her squeal with delight. And then, via Skype, we actually could see each other. With our wonky satellite connection, it isn't quite the same as being there, but hey! she could me, I could see her, we could hear each others' voices, so I'm good with that. Counting my blessings (and grand-blessings) and letting go of the rest. 

 Love you, My Sweet Baby Jemimah Belle!

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