Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Chapter 2

What is Hidden Art?

There is Beauty in the 'everyday'. In the 'mundane'. 

When we step into an art gallery, we expect to see beauty. When we walk through a rose garden in full bloom, we expect to see beauty. When we pick up fashion and decorating magazines we expect to see beauty.

But Mrs. Schaeffer and I agree. 'Hidden Art' (aka Beauty) can be seen all around us, in the everyday things if we only look with the Eyes of The Creator. Living out life artistically, aesthetically, creatively will bring fulfillment and enrichment to ourselves, to our families, to all those around us. It will let them see The Creator.

How do you do this? Are you saying, like I have often said,
"If only I had more talent...more resources...more space...more time...etc."
"Maybe when the children are grown...we retire...pay off the mortgage...etc."
Really, all it takes is "being sensitive to beauty, responsive to what has been created for our appreciation", as Edith Schaeffer says.

It does take conscious discipline, making choices about how we will order our days, our thoughts, our homes. If this all sounds far-fetched and impossible and this-is-so-not-for-me, consider that maybe, just maybe, you are a bit rusty. This chapter is wrapped up with the illustration of wearing a cast while allowing a broken leg to heal:
"For many people, and too often for many Christian people, the areas in which they could be creative have been encased in a cast, and the creative muscles and joints . . . have stiffened with disuse."
Will you join me as we exercise our stiff limbs and seek out ways to add beauty and creativity to our days? I'm looking forward to sharing with you in the weeks to come from subsequent chapters. She will be sharing more ideas and how-to's to help give us a jump start into a more creative, fulfilling, enriched world.

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